Saturday, August 2, 2008


We've upgraded our TV and all that to this Tiscali set top box. It's really quite nifty. You can make your own channel, like Sky (except we can't use Sky - it's owned by Rupert Murdoch, who made my Dad redundant during the Wapping strikes, and my Dad refuses to give him any money. Kinda like why my Dad won't buy Bill Bryson books, since Bill Bryson broke the picket line and worked as a journalist.) and I've just watched the first episode of Skins series 2.
Is it wrong to fantasise about a fictional character? Because damn, I'd like to give Maxxie one. Obviously not Mitch Hewer, since he's straight and all, but Maxxie yes. I suppose that puts me one step above those fan fiction writers. Actually, that gives me an idea - Frankie Boyle/Russell Howard slash! I wonder if that exists.
This blog has already taken a decidedly sleazy turn, so I shall stop this post for now.

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