Friday, August 15, 2008

End of Work experience

Everyone has been really lovely there. I even got a box of chocolates as a reward! :D
This picture shows some DNA I did. I forget the process, but you make up some agar gel containing Ethidium bromide (Which is a carcinogen! Ooh! Scary! That seems to be everyone's response, but in reality, making the gel is like using bleach in the toilet).
You then mix the DNA samples with some blue die that glows under UV light, run an electric current through the gel (This process is known as Gel Electrophoresis) and put it under UV light!
I made a Quiche today, but it didn't turn out very well. The pastry is good, and the filling is quite nice, but I didn't have any baking beads so I used rice. Long story short: Uncooked rice grains stuck to the pastry. Ick.
It seems I always take on projects and then abandon them, but my friend has been rabbiting away about how awesome zebra finches are. I've been thinking about getting a bird for quite some time (when I was in Madrid, they had massive stalls in Las Ramblas full of canaries, mice, ferrets, chickens, ducklings, iguanas and a sickly looking giant African horned frog), but I suppose I could get a couple of birds should my GCSEs turn out alright (6 days to go! Ick!). This cage costs £29.99, but how about Canaries? Actually, scratch that, I don't know if getting a bird is a good idea. It'd be a burden (more like birden, ha ha ha), and my parents have attested that the chirruping can get annoying.

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