Monday, August 25, 2008

Doo be doo

I went Blackberry picking today in Trent Park. It was quite enjoyable, although I now know that geese do not eat blackberries! Dad's just popped out to get some pastry provisions; we're going to make apple and blackberry pie!
There's a bit of a problem with blackberry and apple picking. The bushes are stripped. I'm not one to be racist, but since Eastern European people have been frequenting Trent Park, the pickings have got to be much less good. This is just observation, but it seems true - it has been shown the Eastern European populace has been fishing out our rivers and even eating swans! It seems they strip the bushes and freeze the berries to avoid having to buy things (which is sort of understandable when you look at the average earnings compared to the cost of living, but it's a bit mean!). The apple trees were also bare (there's an old orchard right by Wisteria Walk; you're allowed to take apples) although the presence of chairs suggests students. Besides, there were plenty of cooking apples!
I've been watching The X Files. Mostly season 9 on the TV (I don't know how I lived before on demand channels!) but also on a DVD of Series 1. I've only seen the pilot of season 1, but it's really good!

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