Friday, August 1, 2008


Salutations! I shall specifically strive to start each statement with "s", so... uh... ugh. That didn't last long.
Anyway, here is my first blog entry! Not ever; I'm a sucker for starting things and never finishing them, but hopefully this will change that. What do you post in a first post? Interests? Well, I enjoy gardening. Funnily enough, I was in St. James's park today, and there was this thing on allotments. It's inspired me to try and grow vegetables in a windowbox - stay tuned for some Pak Choi capers! But not actual capers. I don't like those; too salty.
I also saw some geese in the park. I love geese; for all their guiles, they're wonderful birds. I'm often over Trent Park feeding them - after a while, you can get them to eat right out of your hand! It's a bit annoying when they accidentally nip you, but if you put up too much of a fuss, they usually start chasing you. A couple of clicks of the tounge puts pay to that. I'd get a pet goose, but I don't have a pond in my back garden and it'd probably peck the cat to death. But they're great guard dogs.
Gosh, what else...I was in Europe's largest bookshop today, the Piccadilly Waterstones. It used to be a department store called Simpsons', and it's such a lovely building. I think it's one of my favourite places to be - they have wonderful red leather sofas you can sit on and read. If there's a Captain Tripps pandemic and survive it, I may well hole up there, harvesting Pak Choi from St. James's Park and walking my pet goose. I debated buying a book on Tarot, but I don't really need one; the tarot decks always come with little booklets. A couple of my aunts had "the gift", and some of the things that have come out of my tarot sessions are spookily accurate. It's probably just hokum, but it's reassuring hokum nonetheless.
I was also in St. James's Church, designed by Christopher Wren no less (he's the bloke who did St. Paul's Cathederal after the great fire of London). It's really nice - the interior is all gold rococo styling and whatnot. It's a shame it's all peeling; I left a small donation. There's also this really cool market outside, and I almost got some hydroponic gel to grow the aforementioned Chinese cabbage, but not today, Josephine.
I was going to go to Buckingham palace (I've lived in London all my life and never even seen the changing of the guards!) but it costs about £16 to go in. Bleugh! Considering it's British tax that pay the royal wages, you'd think they'd let the British in at a reduced fare, but I don't suppose that's a fare fair.
What else do I like? Picture Wars, a sort of game in Microsoft Paint, and Drawing Roleplay, a sort of storytelling in Microsoft Paint.
Don't expect posts to be this long in future!

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