Sunday, August 3, 2008

Plans to buy a new computer.

I've spotted a shiny new laptop in the Argos catalogue for £800. My current computer is quite old - we got it in ... 2002? Something like that. It's had a good innings, but it's falling apart at the seams and can't run Portal or Spore. The above laptop can, and it has about 250 GB on its hard drive. The current computer has 75 GB. As you can see, quite a difference.
Minimum wage for someone my age is £3.50 an hour, which means I'd have to work for about 230 hours to rack up £800. In other words, about 30 days of working 9-5. I would love to get a weekend job in Waterstones. The one that's a short distance away (45 minute walk tops) isn't hiring, but I have my eye on the Piccadilly Waterstones. It'd just be awesome to work there! The fares, however, would cost a lot. So assuming I can get a 9-5 job at Waterstones on the weekends, I'd have to pay the fare on the tube. I'm lucky since I can hop right on the Piccadilly line, but the Oyster fare will be about £8. Then there's national insurance and taxes...and ugh, it's suddenly not so easy to work out (you get a £600 yearly allowance before you have to pay tax, but it's clear I'll be surpassing that.)
So, roughly speaking, I need to work for, ooh, let's say 50 days 9-5. So, if I get the job I'm hoping for from next weekend, I'll get the computer by 24th August, 2009?
I'll pop up a thermometer and leave it near the post later.
Oh, and I'm starting work experience tomorrow! I'll post more once I've actually done it!

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