Thursday, August 21, 2008


Got to school at 10 AM, and we all got our results. Everyone did really well! Results are up again! Yay! I got the following results:

Business Studies-A*
Art and Design-B
Additional Science-A*
English Language-A*
English Literature-A*

Anywho, afterwards, we all went to Nathan's house. He got a new laptop! Then, we played Chairman Mao. It's a bit like Ludo (You get ~5 cards, then put them on the pile. So, if someone put a three of hearts down, you could put down a three of diamonds, three of spades, three of clubs, or any heart card (and, if you're playing with more than one deck, the three of hearts again!)), but the thing is there's loads of secrets rules (tap Jacks when you put them down, say "Have a nice day" when you put a 7 down, etc.), and half the fun is working out the rules.
Then, after a meal of pizza and a quick game of "Resistance: Fall of Man" (awesome game), I went home. Mum and Dad were really happy! We had Fish, Chips and Champagne! Also, I got £100.

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