Sunday, September 14, 2008

CERN et al

Well, we all died a horrid death on Wednesday when CERN's LHC made a black hole and killed us all.
Sorry, I just didn't want to start with "Well, CERN didn't kill us all on Wednesday", since I imagine every blog in the entire world probably started with that. Still, I shouldn't tempt fate; the LHC doesn't just "start", the scientists do all sorts of experiments.
Not that that matters; cosmic rays create high energy collisions up in the atmosphere. The most convincing argument I heard was an emotive argument, however:

"We all have families too, and we don't want them to die either."

Also "Spaghettification" is now my new favourite word.
The A Level Work load is quite tough, but I think I'm dealing with it. I had a strange dream this morning where instead of doing homework, I snuck out and bought a microwaveable bacon bap, and got drunk off it, then arrive in school in nothing but a cardigan. Odd, eh?

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Vlad said...

Well, the first particles will collide on the 21st of October I believe. Here's a more convincing argument:

"I don't want to die before Fallout 3 is released" D:

Wow, first comment on this blog.
It appears that I'm a stalker.